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Regan the Teenage Bitch. Saw Marina 5/11/13. Diamonds are Forever[even after the album ends].





did you guys follow me cause you liked my blog?

well they def didnt follow you for your looks


Did u just diss yourself


Queen Fergie and a fan!
my favorite candle (my tropico poster in the background tho)

Betatraxx - Electra Heart ft. Marina and the Diamonds (Teddy Killerz Remix)


Like I said earlier, last night was euphoric. It was a dream, but afterwards I felt completely empty. As if I hadn’t just seen one of my favorite people in the world live. It was a terrible feeling at the end of a beautiful night. I couldn’t even speak because every time I tried my throat closed up and I couldn’t breathe. I don’t even know why I’m saying this just basically it was a shit feeling and I thought I wouldn’t be sad after the show, but I still was. I wouldn’t wish this feeling upon anyone

Miss Daytona, Vulgar Darling.
Me waiting in line for Lana

Last night was amazing. I saw lana and I’ve been a fan since December of freshman year and it’s now May of Junior year. I’ve been to both ride and tropico premieres and that was amazing as well. Last night was euphoric; it was a fucking dream. I cried like 6 separate times, never thought I’d be *that* girl. It was such a good performance and couldn’t of asked for anything better.

Lana last night
Lana last night



Hey I have a crazy idea, what about instead of men’s rights or women’s rights we just call it all human rights and stop separating them by gender because that’s what caused the problem in the first place 

yeah exactly!!

and why don’t we give medicine equally to sick and healthy people??

why don’t we donate food equally to the hungry and the full??

why don’t lifeguards equally help people who are drowning and people who aren’t??